About unearthed

Unearthed is a wholesaler of wood products made from the oldest workable wood in the world - 45,000+  year old buried Kauri wood. Our products produced from this wood are now available to the New Zealand and international markets on a sustainable basis for the first time.

Unearthed is a wholly owned subsidiary of multi award winning Ancient Kauri Kingdom Ltd.

To ensure the authenticity of our products, Unearthed has exclusively contracted Ancient Kauri Kingdom to extract, mill and dry and the 45,000+ year old buried New Zealand Kauri wood.

“Incorporating our award winning retail best practices (including unique value added sales collateral and quality packaging) with our best selling products and competitive pricing, will ensure our new “UNEARTHED” wholesale products quickly become top sellers and a market leading brand”.

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Watch the Kauri Extraction Process

Corporate Governance

No trees are cut down to make our wood products.

Our Mission

To produce and market affordable, eco- friendly, quality wood products made from the oldest workable wood in the world – 45,000+ year old buried NZ Kauri wood.

Our Vision

To be the brandleader and largest wholesaler of quality wood products made exclusively from the rare and unique New Zealand buried Kauri wood.