nurtured by nature

From seed to consumer, Unearthed™ grows, markets and sells high-quality fresh root vegetables.

Starting with the very best plant genetics and best-in-class sustainable growing systems, we nurture and grow potatoes, onions and carrots, and see this through the entire supply chain, including packing, transporting, marketing and sales, until it arrives in our customers' stores for sale.

Our passion has been passed down from generations before us, devoted to nourishing consumers across the country and globe.

Our Story

Unearthed™ brings together three strong businesses, who carry a wealth of expertise and history in growing, packing and distributing nutritious, high-quality potatoes, onions and carrots to New Zealand customers and consumers.

Formed in 2021, Unearthed™ is built off the knowledge of some of the country’s leading commercial root vegetable growers, including Masters & Sons and Hira Bhana & Co, and one of New Zealand’s leading fresh produce businesses, T&G Fresh.

With our combined skills, Unearthed™ is strengthening and growing the root vegetable category, providing customers with fresh, quality produce, and a streamlined and efficient end-to-end service.

What we do

Starting with the very best plant genetics and utilising best-in-class growing systems, our integrated business nurtures and grows high quality fresh potatoes, onions and carrots, and manages them right through the packing, transporting and marketing process, until they arrive in our customers' stores.

Our shared values, commitment to sustainability and passion for our craft, enables us to deliver a strong continuous supply of quality root vegetables year-round.

Our footprint